Saturday, November 30, 2013

Channy My Name - Poliça & Marijuana Deathsquads

Night 1 of a 2-night "homecoming" series for Poliça at Mill City Nights 11/29/2013. Marijuana Deathsquads opened.

As for the openers, Marijuana Deathsquads, I knew so little that I had no idea P.O.S. was a member. In fact ALL I knew at first was that the gal who cuts my hair knows someone (I think she said Isaac) in the band--"he's just crazy." I'll leave it to Wikipedia to explain them in detail (; but to me it was like performance art. One shouldn't be mislead by their categorization as "noise"--there's both a choreography and jazz-like improv clearly going on, even if it is all with equipment and not what (as one guy in the room kept heckling) guitars or more "traditional" instruments. If you've got an open mind and don't go into seizures under strobe lighting, I'd definitely suggest taking them in.

Poliça also has its electronic influence, and in that way they are a good pairing (sharing also band members, as I learned, too, so that also explains that...). But where MDS would be more heavy metal (and quite literally), it would be Channy Leaneagh's altered vocals mainly representing the "electronic" in Poliça, backed by a beefy rhythm section of two drum sets and bass guitar. Channy is left, frankly, to carry the entire stage presence, and she handles it well--like an ethereal, swaying, young Audrey Hepburn. Certainly, she had the guy standing next to me completely transfixed.

Channy Leaneagh of Poliça
Rather prooud of this shot;
made lemonade with the obstruction
to the right IMHO.
Channy Leaneagh of

Channy Leaneagh of Poliça
Channy Leaneagh of Poliça

Marijuana Deathsquads
Marijuana Deathsquads,
the accidental watercolor portrait.
Five seriously intent dudes.

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